Everything starts at some point

This is the story of the daily adventures of somebody who decided that the “usual” establish kind of life wasn´t for her. At least for the moment. That is why I travel. Not because I am lost or because I am trying to find myself or even to run away from a bad situation as somebody told me recently, but because I want to know more, to learn more, to discover more, to experience more, in other words, what for me now is TO LIVE and I couldn’t conceive it any other way at this moment. Who knows later. For now, I am determined to enjoy what this amazing world has to offer on my own way!

Current trip: East coast of Australia – from Sydney to …..

Company: my amazing and dearest friend Pierre Suin

Transportation: Van (transformed by us)

If you wanna follow our trip I will be trying to post whenever I find an ok wifi (not often unfortunately) with a sum up of the places visited and, hopefully, useful information for other travelers who wish to follow our steps into visiting this amazing and huge country.