Who Am I?

29 years ago I was born in Madrid, Spain, as Marina de la Fuente (“Marina of the Fountain”; I’ve always wondered if my parents did that on purpose or was just a weird coincidence).

I started traveling when I was 9 months old when my parents took me for the first (but not last) time in their usual camping trips around Europe during the summer. Despite that great opportunity I didn’t appreciate it much at the time, and I stopped joining them when I turned 14 and just play as a city girl. My traveling changed as I become used to a more comfortable kind of traveling, changing campsites and hostels for hotels. Even if now looking to the past I regret my decision, at least I never stop traveling, and the traveling bug always took me to leave my country at least once a year.

I always knew I didn’t want to live in Spain all my life. For a long time I thought my ideal living place was New York. However, now such a busy place (which I still love) would be at the end of my list. It has taken me years to realise that what I really wanted was to keep exploring, not to settle down in just one place (for now), but to live for some time in different cities and towns, experiencing different cultures and getting to know different kinds of people.

I have lived in 5 countries for now: US (Boston) for one year during university; Canada (Toronto & Vancouver) in 2014 and 2015, New Zealand in 2016 and 2017 appears to be all for Australia at the moment.